Here’s How to Store Fresh Fish at Home


Fish is a perishable food and not all varieties are sold at affordable price. Many people buy the fish in large quantity from a wholesaler or when there is a sale. Also if you had gone for a fishing trip, coming back home you need to store the fish in right condition so that it does not rotten. People who love to fish should have the right fishing equipment. It is best to check online sites to buy fishing equipment. You will get any kind of equipment and machinery like an Angle Grinder, fishing rods, etc at best deals.

  Once you bring the fish home, you need to be quite cautious about how you store the fish at home as it can get easily spoiled.   Follow the below-mentioned procedure to store the fish.

  • Remove the fish from the store packing.
  • You should rinse the fish using cold water and then thoroughly dry it using paper towels.
  • Place the cleaned fish onto the rack.  You should make sure that the fish do not overlap or touch each other.  
  • Place this rack inside an airtight container. You would not want your entire fridge to stink of fish or it contaminates other food items.  
  • Into the container, put some crushed ice. You could also wrap the fish with aluminum foil and place it in the container along with the ice.
  • Seal the container tightly and keep it in the freezer.
  • The freezer should be set at 0 degrees or at much colder state. Ensure that it does not get exposed to any warm air or other meat or food.

It would be best if you could use the fish within two weeks so that nutrition value does not get lost and the taste remains the same. Ensure that you handle it delicately when you take it out for cooking.