Vaping and Fire Alarms: Here’s Everything You Need To Know


If you are new to vaping, then you would find quality reviews at PaySpi to be very useful. Knowing all that is there to know about vaping would help you get prepared. This would ensure that you pick the right vaping device and also help you use your vaping kit the right way. The information you gather also goes a long way in helping you find the most popular vaping juices and therefore enhance your experience.

Safe use of a vaping device is one of the very first things to study. Understand the local regulations that define the use of vaping kits. Vaping devices produce vapors and not smoke. Though there is a visible difference. Do all smoke detectors detect this difference? Would you trigger a fire alarm when you use a vaping device? There are 3 main types of smoke detectors used in residential and commercial places. Each type of detector reacts differently to the vapors from a vaping device.

Ionization detectors

In these, there is a pair of radioactive plates that are electrically charged. So any fine particle that interferes the electrical pairing can trigger an alarm. Smoke particles easily trigger the alarm and vapors have the possibility of triggering it though it might not happen all the time.

Photoelectric detectors

There is infrared light emitted by the unit. Any visibility hampering effect caused by smoke or even vapors can lead to the alarm being triggered.

Heat detectors

This is the type of smoke detector which is popularly used in the kitchens. The alarm here is triggered only when heat is detected. In the case of vaping devices, there is no heat generated. So vaping in a room with heat detector doesn’t cause any problem. Before you use your vaping device make sure that you look around and identify the type of smoke detector being used in order to avoid any trouble.